Global Court Reporting

Our certified court reporters meet our high standards of quality and performance—then we ensure they meet yours. From creating and maintaining case/client protocols to providing multi-party litigation expertise, our team is your team.

Our Reporters

We pair client needs with court reporter expertise, matching relevant industry experience with case details for focused preparation, peak accuracy, and a seamless client experience.

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Our reporter selection is not based on geography alone, it's case, experience and personality specific.
We hand select reporters for each matter, matching reporter background and expertise to client needs.

Our court reporters are prepared to handle all elements of high-tech, complex depositions, from individuals using interpreters to scientific and technical testimony.

Areas of Reporter Expertise:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Intellectual Property
  • Toxic Tort 
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Insurance Coverage

Realtime Transcription

Our reliable, state-of-the-art transcription software allows you to search, review and annotate transcripts during live testimony.

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Realtime technology allows you to:

  • Immediately access live testimony
  • Obtain immediate rough draft transcripts
  • Search testimony for quick reference
  • View testimony locally at proceeding or remotely online

Commitment to Service

We are 100% committed to individual client service and satisfaction. Each matter is assigned its own dedicated paralegal case manager with litigation experience to manage case details.

Deposition Management Services

We combine technology and personal service to ensure your depositions are seamlessly scheduled, accurately transcribed and produced according to your specifications. 

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Our comprehensive deposition management services include:

  • Convenient and efficient online calendar and scheduling
  • Global conference room and deposition suite setup
  • Expedited and rough draft transcripts
  • Secure online repository for deposition materials
  • Witness list preparation
  • Comprehensive exhibit indexes containing Bates labeling
  • Client and case specific protocols
  • Videography services and clip creation
  • Global logistics and concierge services
  • Hyperlinked exhibits with transcripts